13 Keto Diet Books You Should Read Right Now

Are you wondering which are the best keto diet books at the moment? Your search got a lot easier with this post on the best keto books. As a big believer in keto, it’s always my goal to stay on top of the game, which meant reading through a LOT of keto books. What are the best keto diet books?

Some of the best keto diet books include Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners by Amy Ramos, The Essential Keto Diet for Beginners by Dr. Suzy Shaw, and Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners by Elizabeth Cunningham.

The keto diet has consistently kicked up a lot of dust, and for a good reason. It is far from a quack diet that promises short-term results. As a matter of fact, the keto diet is among the few that have been extensively researched and is backed by science. 

Historically, this high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet was an effective way to combat severe medical conditions such as epilepsy. Now research has shown that the keto diet has many health benefits. 

But along with its spectacular popularity, there are numerous books about the keto diet. Everyone from dieticians to medical professionals and those in-between has written a book on the ketogenic diet. Suffice to say, narrowing down your choice of the best keto diet books becomes a tad bit challenging.

I’ve spent a lot of time handpicking the best keto diet books currently on the market so you don’t have to.

Ready to find out the best keto diet books yet? 

Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle by Amy Ramos

Starting strong on the list is an excellent keto diet book for beginners. If you recently started dipping your toes in the keto realm, this straightforward book is a fantastic choice. Amy Ramos breaks down the principles of the keto diet in this book, which makes it an excellent stepping-stone for beginners.

Embarking on the keto diet can be exciting but sticking to it is a whole different matter. So unless you have a solid strategy in the form of meal plans and the knowledge about keto food, maintaining a successful rhythm can be challenging.

Amy makes it easy for beginners to start and maintain a keto diet by providing a doable meal plan and easy to cook recipes. You will also find the illustrations and charts that explain the nitty-gritty about the ketogenic diet beneficial.

Wondering what makes me trust this book? With over 25 years of being a professional chef, Amy Ramos has a passion for healthy eating and the keto diet in particular. Her expertise in medically restricted diets and holistic health puts her in the right place to point keto beginners in the right direction. Apart from the book being beginner-friendly, it is very wallet-friendly, in case you’re wondering.

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The Essential Keto Diet for Beginners by Dr. Suzy Shaw

This is another fantastic book on the keto diet for beginners. Irrespective of your expertise or where you are on the keto ladder, in-depth knowledge about the food groups and what to cook is a powerful tool to master.

This book simplifies everything about the ingredients and keto cooking. The recipes use less than five ingredients and are among the top reasons why we love this book. Also, the recipes use regular and easy to find ingredients, which makes cooking fun and effortless. Furthermore, the recipes’ cooking times are also minimal, which makes it suitable for anyone to cook at home.

You will also love the recipes that are fun and diverse. Restrictive diets such as keto can get very dull after the first two weeks or so. Dr. Shaw keeps the recipes interesting, so you will have plenty of fun cooking and eating the recipes in this book.

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Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners by Elizabeth Cunningham

Beginners of the keto diet often find it very challenging to cook their meals. Eliminating food groups can relatively be a breeze when compared to cooking. However, this cookbook simplifies everything you need to know about making healthy, keto-friendly meals like a pro.

This keto book includes recipes that cover breakfasts, brunches, smoothies, soups, and stews. In addition, Elizabeth has also included recipes for vegetarians, keto-friendly drinks, and even desserts. Of course, there are several protein-dense recipes cook with fish, poultry, and seafood. With up to 550 recipes, this book has the most number of recipes in a keto diet book. There are also recipes for snacks and side dishes as well.

Beginners of the keto diet often find it very challenging to cook their meals. Eliminating food groups can relatively be a breeze when compared to cooking. However, this cookbook simplifies everything you need to know about making healthy, keto-friendly meals like a pro.

This keto book includes recipes that cover breakfasts, brunches, smoothies, soups, and stews. In addition, Elizabeth has also included recipes for vegetarians, keto-friendly drinks, and even desserts. Of course, there are several protein-dense recipes cook with fish, poultry, and seafood. With up to 550 recipes, this book has the most number of recipes in a keto diet book. There are also recipes for snacks and side dishes as well.

This comprehensive keto cookbook was written with beginners in mind. However, an extensive range of recipes on the ketogenic diet makes this an excellent choice for anyone interested in embarking on a successful keto diet.

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Simply Keto: A Practical Approach to Health & Weight Loss by Suzanne Ryan

This keto diet book enjoys a cult status in the ketogenic community and with good reason. As a keto diet practitioner, Suzanne Ryan often talks about the keto diet’s transformational power in her blog and YouTube channel. Her book is so relatable because she shares her personal experience and success with the keto diet.

In her book, Simply Keto, she covers everything you need to know about this diet. Her information on embarking on a successful keto diet and meal plans make it an excellent book for beginners. However, the grocery shopping tips, weight loss FAQs, and practicing the keto diet makes it a great guide for anyone who loves this diet.

A fantastic feature of this keto diet book that I loved is the helpful tips about ordering different cuisines as a keto practitioner. Suzanne includes everything from Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and Italian, among others. This means that you don’t have to give up on your favorite takeout options.

Apart from the easy to cook recipes, Suzanne’s ability to put everything in simple and easy to understand format makes this book very compelling.

There are arguments that Suzanne Ryan is not a certified healthcare professional. However, in my opinion, her book lays out the foundation of the keto diet in a very concise and practical manner. And if the numerous reviews on online platforms are any indication, thousands of keto dieters agree with me, so the ball is in your court.

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The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook by Jen Fisch

Keto Recipes and cooking are not known for being difficult or complicated. In fact, if you have any experience with the keto diet, it is a breeze to whip up keto meals. However, Jen Fisch takes a step further by listing recipes that require only five ingredients or less. This makes the book a fantastic choice for busy ketoers, beginners, and even veteran keto practitioners.

Jen relies on her passion for the keto lifestyle and shares her experience with fellow ketoers through social media platforms. In this cookbook, you will have access to 125 recipes that are nutrient-dense and very healthy. In addition, the nutritional information, including the macros alongside the recipes, is very helpful.

If cooking with five recipes is still too stressful for you, no problem! Jen’s recipes on one-pot meals are a fantastic option for the lazy or busy keto dieter.

The addition of variation and substitution tips will also come in very handy in your ketogenic lifestyle. This will allow you to customize your keto diet very effortlessly as well. This book simplifies the art of cooking, which makes it an excellent read whether you follow the keto diet or not.

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Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites for a Low-Carb Lifestyle by Natasha Newton

If you love relishing the traditional delicacies as much as the keto diet, this book is right up your alley. As a southern native, Natasha loves her mouth-watering southern delicacies as much as her success with the ketogenic diet. This diet helped her fight with chronic inflammation due to Crohn’s disease, and she continues to share her experience on social media as well as in her book.

Her philosophy is that you don’t need to sacrifice traditional foods just because you started the keto diet. This means that you can still enjoy healthy doses of fried chicken, cheesecake, biscuits, and other southern goodness. So in this keto diet book, she shares her family recipes, which are among the best features. In addition, she shares theme menu ideas, grocery-shopping tips, and hacks on starting the keto diet.

In many ways, Natasha’s book challenges the idea that the keto diet is bland and without flavor. So if you love eating your pan-fried chicken as much as you love the flab melting off your body, this book should be on your bedside table by now.

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The Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking by Carolyn Ketchum

The low carb ketogenic diet is not synonymous with baking and cakes. But if you read this keto diet book about baking, you will be having your cake and eating it too, literally. Carolyn Ketchum has experience with gestational diabetes, which caused her to experiment with baking using low carb ingredients. Since she’s done all the hard work of experimenting with baking recipes, this book gives us the chance to simply follow her recipes.

Her baking recipes include such delicacies as Maple-Glazed Donuts, Chocolate Mayonnaise Layer Cake, Tomato Ricotta Tart, which is very unlike a traditional keto recipe. The star ingredient of most of her sweet delights is almond flour, which is great. If you know anything about the keto diet, you know that almond flour is a fantastic ingredient for its low carb content.

With this book in your hands or your counter, you will be baking up to 150 different types of cakes and other delicacies in no time. A birthday or something special on the calendar? No problem! Carolyn has also included several recipes for special occasions, so you will be whipping up treats for your guests like a pro.

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Keto Diet by Dr. Josh Axe

This keto diet book comes from one of the bestselling authors, Dr. Josh Axe. Apart from digging into the ketogenic diet fundamentals, this is one of the few keto books that give you options about the keto protocols. 

Keto protocols? Yes. When it comes to the ketogenic diet, there are different ways you can practice it. Although many people assume that following a keto diet is uniform and routine, you will be surprised to know that different keto protocols cater to your body and the lifestyle. 

Dr. Axe talks about the five different protocols of the keto diet and which is best for you. This way, you get the most success in practicing this low carb diet successfully. This keto diet book also prepares you to handle a keto diet relapse in case you encounter it. 

Furthermore, this keto diet book comes with invaluable keto exercise routines, shopping lists, and of course, delicious recipes. Talking about recipes, Dr. Josh Axe has also written a companion book called the Keto Diet Cookbook. You can check it out here if it piques your interest. However, this diet book alone is an excellent way to practice and stay ahead of the game in the ketogenic journey. 

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Ketotarian by Will Cole

You didn’t think I would leave the vegans out of the best keto diet books list, did you? The Ketotarian is an excellent guide into the keto journey for vegans and vegetarians. However, pescatarians can also benefit a lot from this book on the ketogenic diet. Dr. Cole’s expertise on the keto diet comes from his experience as a medical expert in clinical nutrition. 

The keto diet is essentially very clean, but for those looking for plant-based options, this book takes it to the next level. Will Cole shares invaluable tips and practical ways to dive into the keto diet as a vegan. You will learn how to balance electrolytes and manage your macronutrients like a pro. In addition, the book comes with several plant-based recipes so you can manage your diet very effectively. 

The recipes in this keto diet book are not exclusively vegan, as you will see. However, as the title of the book implies, you will have many options for recipes and meal planning as a vegan or a pescatarian. This keto diet book seems to be a favorite of many intermediate and even veteran keto practitioners if the reviews are any indication. 

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Keto Comfort Foods by Maria Emmerich

The keto diet book on comfort foods is part of the Ketogenic Diet Series by the same author. However, this particular book in the series stood out to us for a couple of reasons. 

Maria’s attitude towards the keto diet in food, in general, is all about the emotions and comfort that surrounds foods. Any type of diet can be restrictive and limiting in many ways, and the keto diet is nothing different. 

However, the author combines her passion for food and expertise in nutrition and exercise physiology to create hearty recipes. With the help of this book, you will be incorporating everything from steak fries to cinnamon rolls and cheesecake into your menu. With up to 170 family recipes for cooking sumptuous homemade food, this keto diet book is an ideal way to step up your keto game.

Another fantastic reason this keto diet book makes it to our list is how easy it is to cook the recipes. Every recipe from Maria can be made very effortlessly, which makes it perfect for beginners too. In addition, the accompanying nutritional information that accompanies the recipes will be an indispensable tool in your ketogenic journey. 

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The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel

This list of the best keto diet books would be incomplete without this one that is a hit in the keto community. A practicing holistic nutritionist, Leanne Vogel is a trendsetter for the ketogenic lifestyle using the paleo-friendly approach. In addition to her wildly successful book, Leanne also runs a popular website and a YouTube channel on the same topic. 

In this book, she debunks the idea that the keto diet is uniform for everyone. On the contrary, she provides in-depth information about how you can customize this somewhat confusing diet according to your body’s needs. So you will find practical and easy nutritional plans that you can adapt very effortlessly.

Furthermore, Leanne also includes several meal plans and whole food recipes in this book. You will also find the tools very useful in maintaining a steady pace during the ketogenic journey. Among the several tools, I loved the yes/no food lists, grocery shopping lists, and food sensitivity replacements, which is something unique to this keto diet book. 

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Keto Happy Hour by Kyndra Holley

Did you imagine that the keto diet means you had to sacrifice the drinks? This book will change your mind; it certainly made an impression on us. You are not the only one that associates drinks with sugar, and we all know that sugar translates as carbs. It turns out you can still enjoy a drink and be a successful ketoer too!

You will love that this keto diet book includes several drinks that are a favorite among many of us. In addition, the cocktails can be made at home, which is fantastic. If you love the mixers and the cocktails, you will have plenty of options. However, if you love your drinks with a touch of pub culture, you can indulge in it too.

The book comes with more than 50 recipes to concoct up flavorful cocktails with a punch. But you will be feeling the punch in your taste buds but not on your head or body like you would with regular drinks. So go ahead and relish your happy hour without losing control over your keto adventure.

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The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living by Stephen D. Phinney and Jeff S. Volek

This keto diet book is more than a casual glance at the world’s most popular diet. The authors are both doctors with up to 50 years of clinical experience and research between them. Needless to say, this keto book is backed by years of research on the low carb diet. So this is a fantastic book if you are a ketoer who is serious about sustaining momentum in the long ketogenic race. 

In this masterpiece of the keto diet book, the doctors offer a comprehensive guide on implementing the keto diet successfully. Apart from learning the foundation of the diet, this book also gives you insight into the science and the efficacy of a low carb diet. And it does not just pertain to the loss of weight. The book explains why the low carb diet effectively helps to reduce inflammation and a host of other ailments, including type 2 diabetes. 

However, if you are a newbie to the keto world, this book may be overwhelming for you. And it’s not because this keto diet book is complicated or difficult to understand. The book is a goldmine of ketogenic information, but in the beginning, it is best to start with a straightforward approach. 

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Final Thoughts

The keto diet is undeniably the world’s most popular diet. The low carb diet is one of the few ones that has been extensively researched with proven results. Also, many celebrities and well-known figures sing the keto diet’s praises, which has given rise to its cult status.

Our recommendations for the best keto diet books cover a good range of choices. Whether you are an amateur ketoer, an intermediate, or a veteran who needs a boost, our list should nicely take care of you. If it is desserts or keto-friendly cocktails that make you smile, you will find the perfect book for it as well. If you decide to get any of the books about the low carb diet on our list, you won’t be disappointed.

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