46 Drinks You Can Have While On Keto

One of the most common questions I get from people starting a ketogenic diet is what can I drink while on keto?

Water is the most beneficial option for those following the keto diet. But, if that gets boring, there are various juices, sports drinks, energy drinks, milk alternatives, and more. There are even keto-friendly alcohol options.

As is the case with food, many of your favorite drinks have a keto-friendly option. Keep reading to learn all about the different drinks you can have while on the keto diet.

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Hot Drinks

1, Black Tea

Natural teas are a good option when you want a hot beverage without worrying about carbs. One of the nice things about natural tea varieties is that they’re available with caffeine, which is helpful if you need a pick me up. If you’re using tea as a drink to help you wind down before bed, decaffeinated options are also available.

Black tea is the most popular form of tea on the market. It’s identified by its dark color and overall strong flavor. Both of these are a result of using aged tea leaves to make the tea. However, if you are a new tea drinker, you might not want to start with black tea. The taste can be bitter for someone not used to it, and most people say it’s an acquired taste.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is pretty much the polar opposite of black tea. Instead of using aged tea leaves, green tea is made from fresh, young leaves. Many people describe the flavor as naturally sweet, describing the flavor as a fruity floral combination. The taste varies depending on the brand, but I’ve always thought it had a hint of pear, but that may be just me.

Green tea has a much lighter color and, although it still has caffeine, it has half of what black tea has, according to the National Institutes of Health.

As a bonus, green tea is full of some of the best minerals and micronutrients, which are very good for your health. Take a look at some of the health benefits you can take advantage of by drinking green tea:

  • Aids in keeping your skin youthful
  • Improves your overall brain health
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Strengthens your metabolism

3. White Tea

If you find the flavors of black and green tea too robust to your liking, white tea might be the best option for you. It is also made from young tea leaves but has the mildest flavor of the three.

4. Herbal Tea

I’m lumping all herbal tea into this category because there are way too many varieties to try to differentiate here. Although these teas are also made from leaves, they’re also infused with things like dried herbs, fruits, and flowers.

There are countless varieties of herbal tea, but some of the most popular include:

  • Chamomile
  • Passionflower
  • Peppermint
  • Rose hip
  • Ginger
  • Lemon balm
  • Hibiscus
  • Sage
  • Echinacea
  • Rooibos

It’s important to note that even though some of the dried herbs contain carbs when consumed whole, very few, if any, of the carbs make into the tea when steeped into the water. One exception to this rule is an herbal tea that has dried fruit pieces. Although most should still be okay, it’s never a bad idea to verify the number of carbs on the packaging before you bring it home from the store.

5. Bone Broth

This one sometimes seems odd, especially if you’re new to keto, but it’s an awesome choice when you want something hot but are tired of the same beverages. Not only will bone broth warm you up, but it also goes a long way towards getting rid of cravings between meals.

Bone broth has a variety of other benefits. The most common include helping to keep your immune system, promoting good gut health, and restoring your collagen.

6. Hot Chocolate

Ever be sitting at home on a cold night wishing you could have a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate? You don’t have to wish any longer! But, before you run out to the store to pick out your favorite hot cocoa mix, you need to understand that the options you’re used to are not going to be good for keto. Don’t worry, though! I’ve got a recipe that will blow the prepackaged stuff away!

Keto Hot Chocolate Recipe

  • Ingredients
    • 1 cup water
    • 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
    • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter
    • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
    • 2 1/2 teaspoon powdered erythritol
  • Instructions
    • Bring your water to a boil
    • Add your water and all of the incredients into a tall beaker or cup
    • Using an immersion blender, blend for 20 seconds, or until the top is as foamy as you’d like
    • Carefully pour your hot chocolate into a cup and enjoy
    • Optional: top with low-carb whipped cream

7. Coffee

You didn’t think we were going to get all the way through the hot beverages and not mention coffee, did you? As a coffee drinker, I figured I would save the best for last!

Like many people, I’ve started my day with coffee for as long as I can remember. The only thing that has changed is what I put into it. Milk and sugar are obviously no longer allowed, so I had to get creative with how I consume it.

I’ve heard that when you’re on keto long enough, black coffee will start to taste good. I applaud those who think so, but it’s just not my thing. As I said, I like my coffee sweet, and I’ve found that adding a few drops of EZ-Sweetz and some sugar-free hazelnut syrup gives me a coffee-shop worthy drink without the carbs.

Another popular version is bulletproof coffee. All you have to do is add some heavy cream, butter, or MCT Oil to your coffee and mix until your drink is smooth and creamy. It’s so good, and it’ll keep you feeling full for hours.

8. Iced Coffee

I know this is technically the hot drink section, but I can’t mention coffee without mentioning iced coffee. Sometimes you need the pick me up that coffee gives you, but you don’t want to drink it hot. Living in Missouri, this is especially true for me during the summer months when the heat index reaches above 100 degrees fairly regularly.

Sometimes, I’ll make my iced coffee the same way I make it when I drink it hot, but sometimes I want to get all fancy. On these days, I’ll add a Premier Protein shake, and I have a treat that tastes better than any iced coffee I could get at Starbucks. My favorite flavors to use are caramel, vanilla, and cafe latte.

Soft Drinks

9. Diet Versions of Your Favorite Soda

Before I started keto, I was addicted to Dr. Pepper. I would literally open one the moment I got out of bed and would continue to drink them throughout the day. Sadly, I was easily going through a 12-pack every day and consuming so many empty calories.

Once I learned about keto, I started looking into the diet versions of the soda I’d been drinking for years. I was excited to see that there were diet and zero sugar versions of Dr. Pepper, and I didn’t hesitate to buy them and enjoy every drink I took.

As I started really examining my diet, I learned that although these drinks don’t contain carbs and are technically keto-friendly, they really aren’t all that good for you. That’s because these diet sodas contain a significant amount of aspartame and sucralose. According to the National Library of Medicine at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, regular consumption of these sweeteners can actually make you crave sugar more by doing damage to the healthy bacteria found in your stomach.

It’s not bad to enjoy one of these every once in a while, but if you are craving soft drinks, there are better options out there. Don’t worry; I’m going to get to those right now.

10. Zevia

Zevia is a beverage company that was actually born because the only soda options for people on a low-carb diet were the ones I talked about in the previous section. The creators wanted to eliminate the stigma associated with diet soft drinks, and in 2007, Zevia was born.

The difference between Zevia and the diet versions of Dr. Pepper and similar drinks is that every flavor is made using natural sweeteners, so there won’t be any issues when drinking them. No matter what kind of soda you’re in the mood for, Zevia has a zero-calorie flavor to match. As of August 2021, Zevia has 15 different flavors to choose from. These flavors include:

  • Cola
  • Caffeine Free Cola
  • Black Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Cherry Cola
  • Orange
  • Cream Soda
  • Mountain Zevia
  • Creamy Root Beer
  • Lemon Lime Twist
  • Dr. Zevia
  • Grapefruit Citrus
  • Ginger Ale
  • Grape
  • Ginger Root Beer

Zevia is found at a variety of stores, or you can pick up a variety pack from Amazon by clicking here.

11. Zevia Kids

Why should the adults be the only ones to enjoy some Zevia. If you’re like me, you understand the benefits of keto, and you’re bringing your kids along on the journey. But, even if not, a good soda option that’s free of both sugar and calories is too good to pass up. Zevia kids come in six kid-friendly flavors, including:

  • Cran-Raspberry
  • Warermelon
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Fruit Punch
  • Orange Cream
  • Fizzy Apple

Like the soda, these beverages are available at various stores, although these are a little harder to find than the regular version of the soda. If you’re having trouble finding them, you can order online at this link.

12. Zevia Organic Tea

Although tea is not technically a soft drink, I feel that it belongs here because it comes in a can and is carbonated. It’s also delicious. As is true with the sodas, these teas have zero sugar and zero calories. They feature plant-based ingredients and are naturally sweetened. You can enjoy six delicious flavors, including:

  • Black Tea
  • Lemon Black Tea
  • Blood Orange Earl Grey Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Peach Black Tea
  • Raspberry Black Tea

The variety pack can be purchased online or at select stores.

13. Virgil’s Zero Sugar

This soft drink is listed as being Certified Ketogenic. According to CertKeto.com, the certification process consists of the team reviewing the product information and labeling to ensure it meets ketogenic standards.

Virgil’s touts itself as being the only beverage to rise only sparkling, filtered water and a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners to create its products. It comes in six refreshing flavors such as:

  • Cola
  • Cream Soda
  • Root Beer
  • Orange
  • Lemon Lime
  • Black Cherry

I’ve had a difficult time finding Virgil’s in my local stores, and I have yet to find anyone who has been able to find it in theirs. As always, they are available on Amazon, but they’re quite a bit more expensive than the Zevia options.


I’m just going to say it now. Water should have been the number one drink listed in this article. Instead, I’ve got it way down here. Why? Well, because if water was listed first, I don’t think anyone would have taken the time to read this. I’m going into this section assuming that everyone following a ketogenic diet knows that getting plenty of water every day is an important part of the lifestyle. So, I’m only going to touch on plain water and then get into some ways to make it a little more exciting!

14. Plain Water

Keeping your body hydrated is vital to the daily functions of your body. When you’re eating keto, it’s even more important. As your body changes, getting plenty of water can help avoid symptoms associated with keto flu. In addition, staying hydrated keeps your body functioning properly and regulates your body temperature.

15. Sparkling Water

When you’re in the mood for a carbonated beverage but still want to get your water in, consider trying sparkling water. There are two types of sparkling waters available. Most are naturally carbonated from the mineral spring it was found at, while others are carbonated with carbon dioxide gas during the manufacturing process.

Although sparkling water is available plain, I highly suggest going with one of the flavored options. For the most part, flavored does not mean sweetened, so they’re a great option for keto.

Sparkling Ice is by far my favorite sparkling water on the market. It has a refreshing taste and is extremely keto-friendly. It comes in a ton of flavors, such as:

  • Grape Raspberry
  • Black Cherry
  • Black Raspberry
  • Pomegranate Blueberry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Kiwi Strawberry
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Peach Nectarine
  • Orange Mango
  • Coconut Pineapple
  • Classic Lemonade
  • Giner Lime
  • Coconut Limeade
  • Lemon Lime

16. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a refreshing option that isn’t exactly water, but close enough to include it in this category. As you may have guessed, coconut water is found naturally in the middle of green coconuts. It’s great for keeping you hydrated and has a couple of other great benefits.

First, when compared to coconut milk, it has less fat and fewer calories. Second, since potassium is needed during a keto diet, you’ll be excited to know that a serving of coconut water has more potassium than an entire banana, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

When choosing a brand of coconut water, it’s going to be very important to read your labels carefully. Many brands will contain 12g of carbohydrates or more per serving, so look for those that contain 6g or less.

Water Enhancers

If you like to mix things up and have different flavors available, water enhancers might be just what you’re searching for. For the most part, water enhancers won’t add anything in the way of extra vitamins, minerals, or anything else that will make your water better for you, but they do go a long way in ensuring that you’re staying hydrated; which is vital for keto!

17. Flavor Drops

Flavor drops are the most common flavor enhancer. One thing I like about them is that they’re small, making them easy to take to the office or on road trips. They come in pretty much every flavor imaginable.

If you want to take a trip back to your childhood, I recently discovered that Kool-Aid has come out with water enhancers that taste exactly like the sugary drinks I loved as a kid! My favorites are cherry and blue raspberry, but you can find the ones that work best for you!

Some other popular brands include Mio, Stur, and Hawaiin Punch.

18. Flavor Powders

Flavor powders are just like flavor drops but in a powdered form. Although some come in a bulky container, I buy the ones that come in individual pouches. One pouch is perfect for a standard-sized bottle of water.

You have to be a little more careful buying the powders because a lot of brands include sugar. As excited as I was to find the Kool-Aid drops, I was disappointed to see that the powdered version contained sugar. Always check your labels to make sure what you’re consuming fits in with a ketogenic diet.

One of my personal favorites is Wyler’s Light. It’s light, refreshing, and completely carb-free. It also comes in a variety of delicious flavors. My favorites are:

  • Cherry
  • Fruit Punch
  • Lemon Iced Tea
  • Peach Iced Tea
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry Punch
  • Totally Tropical
  • Half Iced Tea/Half Lemonade

19. Apple Cider Vinegar

I have a feeling that this might be where I lose some of you, but just hear me out! I’m sure you’ve heard all about the benefits that come from adding some apple cider vinegar to your diet.

According to an article published by Healthline, apple cider vinegar can help kill off pathogens, including harmful bacteria. It can also lower blood sugar levels, aid in weight loss, and boost your skin health.

All you’ve got to do is add a capful to your bottle of water, and you’ll have flavored water with exciting health benefits. I will be honest and say that most people I’ve talked to either love the flavor or hate it. The only way you’ll know which side you fall on is to give it a try.

Milk Alternatives

Before you started on your low-carb lifestyle, you probably used milk for several different things. It’s used in many different recipes, and it’s commonly used in coffee and with cereal, cookies, and a number of other things.

Unfortunately, milk from a cow does not have a place in a ketogenic diet. It is full of lactose, which you may be surprised to learn is actually a type of sugar. Because of this, drinking regular milk can kick you out of ketosis by spiking your blood sugar.

If you love your milk and are having trouble giving it up, I’ve got some great alternatives for you.

20. Almond Milk

When people think of an alternative to cow’s milk, almond milk is usually the first thing that comes to mind. There are a lot of similarities to regular milk. It has a rich, slightly nutty flavor. Even though it’s thinner than regular milk, almond milk is still very creamy.

There are several varieties available. A lot of people like regular almond milk, but I’m partial to the vanilla variety. It also comes in chocolate! When purchasing your almond milk, make sure to opt for the unsweetened variety.

21. Coconut Milk

You can find unsweetened coconut milk right alongside the almond milk mentioned above. Though I liked the taste of coconut milk from the carton, I thought it was a little too thin for my liking. It was almost a water consistency, and when you’ve been drinking whole milk your whole life, that’s not going to cut it.

I decided to grab a can of coconut milk for a recipe I was trying and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was noticeably thicker. It also had a higher fat content, which is never bad for keto. If the thickness is important to you, I highly recommend the canned version of coconut milk.

22. Hemp Milk

You may be familiar with hemp for any number of reasons. Some people know it for its medicinal benefits, others know it for its use in clothing, while some hear hemp and think about THC. What may surprise you is that hemp seeds can be blended with water to make a great-tasting milk alternative.

If the thought of drinking hemp milk concerns you because you’re worried about the psychoactive results, just know that you have nothing to worry about. According to a study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, you won’t feel any kind of effects from drinking it. You also don’t have to worry about it causing you to fail a drug test either.

23. Macadamia Nut Milk

Is there a more premium nut than the macadamia? If you’ve ever eaten them, you know how rich and tasty they are. These qualities transfer nicely to the milk made with the nuts.

This nut milk has a good amount of fat and can be drunk by itself or as an addition to your morning coffee. Macadamia nut milk is so popular that you can even buy creamer for your coffee made with it. The vanilla flavor is only a single net carb per delicious serving.

24. Pea Protein Milk

If you had no idea that milk could be made from pea protein, then you’re not alone. When it comes to low-carb milk options, this may be the most unknown one, and that’s really a shame.

When it comes to flavor and texture, pea protein milk may be the closest to dairy milk. It’s also completely vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, lactose-free, and soy-free. If you have a nut allergy or a gluten sensitivity, this would make a great milk alternative.

25. Soy Milk

Soy milk is another plant-based option on this list. You may have seen this tofu byproduct in the stores under the name of soya milk. This milk alternative has a fairly neutral taste, which makes it a decent option to be used for food or drinks that are savory or sweet.

This might be a good option for you if you follow a dirty keto plan, but if you’re eating clean keto and avoiding foods and drinks made from soy, this option might not be for you.

26. Cashew Milk

Cashew is another nut milk that is popular with keto dieters. It is often called cashew cream and is often used in recipes where a creamier milk is needed.

27. Flax Milk

Many people use flaxseeds in recipes, and it’s often found in things like keto granola bars and other manufactured products. Like the hemp seeds earlier, flax can be used to make milk.

You can drink the milk on its own or add it to a keto-friendly cereal. The main difference between this milk and some of the others is that flax milk doesn’t contain much protein, so you might want to use this one sparingly.

28. Heavy Cream

Heavy cream is typically used in recipes, but it can be used for drinking if you’re in a pinch. Since it’s quite thick, you’d want to combine even parts of heavy cream and water to turn it into a milky consistency.

Other Milk Alternatives

There are many other milk alternatives out there, and I could go on and on talking about each one. The milk options that I’ve listed above are by far the most commonly used for keto. Some of the not-so-common options include:

  • Walnut milk
  • Sunflower seed milk
  • Pumpkin seed milk
  • Linseed milk
  • Sesame seed milk
  • Pili nut milk
  • Brazil nut milk

Energy Drinks

I’m going to get this out of the way now. If you’re doing clean keto, you might want to just skip this section entirely. When it comes to energy drinks, there aren’t a lot of clean options out there. With that said, there are some dirty keto options that are much better choices than a lot of the energy drinks you’ll find on the market.

I also want to say that I don’t recommend drinking these on a daily basis. I know that with a busy lifestyle, be exhausted is more common than anything else. These drinks can be used for an occasional pick-me-up but may cause issues down the line if you drink them on a daily basis.

29. Rockstar Pure Zero

Rockstar has been big in the gaming community for quite some time, but the amount of carbohydrates has kept it on the shelf for those following keto. Rockstar heard the calls and created a zero-carb version of their popular energy drink.

This drink has a mild, fruity flavor, and one can has as much caffeine as three cups of coffee. Rockstar comes in a variety of flavors, so I recommended trying their variety pack so you can experiment and find the flavors you like best.

30. Red Bull Total Zero

When you think of an energy drink, Red Bull might be the first thing that comes to mind. Due to their popular commercial advertising, you know them as the brand that gives you wings. Red Bull was the trendsetter as far as energy drinks go, and they continue to evolve.

Red Bull Total Zero gives you a sugar-free option, and if you find that you’re sensitive to drinking too much caffeine, Red Bull has a quarter of what Rockstar contains, coming in at just 80mg. It’s still enough to give you an energy boost without making you jittery.

31. Bang Energy Drink

If you’re not sensitive to caffeine, Bang Energy might be just what you’re looking for. Different flavors and combinations give you varying amounts of caffeine, but on average, you’ll be getting about 300mg per can.

There are a lot of flavors available, but some of them gave a chemical aftertaste that I didn’t care for. Two flavors that I thought were delicious and didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth were Blue Razz and Cotton Candy, which legitimately tastes like cotton candy in a can!

32. Monster Zero Ultra

Even before I was committed to a ketogenic lifestyle, Monster was my favorite energy drink. Admittedly, the drink has a but if a cult-like following, with people going as far as getting the logo tattooed on their body. I like the drink, but not that much.

A can will give you about the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee, so be mindful of when you drink it. I’ve tried many of the flavors and have yet to find one I don’t like. I typically buy the variety pack so I can have something different each time.

33. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Most people know if Optimum Nutrition because of their whey protein offerings. I’ve always thought their protein was some of the best tasting on the market, so I got excited to learn that they were expanding their offerings to energy drinks.

One of the main differences between this energy drink and the ones listed above is that Optimum Nutrition has included electrolytes and essential amino acids. These go a long way in supporting your diet and aiding in the recovery of your muscles after a workout.

Optimum Nutrition is available in 10 delicious flavors:

  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Green Apple
  • Juicy Strawberry
  • Gingerale
  • Watermelon
  • Mixed Berry Sangria
  • Grape
  • Peach Bellini
  • Cherry
  • Mango Pineapple Lemonade

34. Celsius Sparkling Energy Drink

If you’re a fan of flavored sparkling water, then you probably want to check out Celsius. This particular option is marketed as a pre-workout drink, but you can enjoy one whether you’re hitting the gym or not.

35. Jocko GO

I recently discovered Jocko GO by accident. I’d been struggling with sleep and had a long trip ahead of me, so I needed something for energy. My normal options weren’t available, so I decided to give one of these a try.

I enjoyed the taste, noting that the sweetness was more complex and not overpowering like some of the others. This could be because it is sweetened with monk fruit. It was refreshing, and did the job well.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are great to have on hand when you’ve been working out in the gym, playing sports with your friends, or have been sweating out in the heat. They’re great to have on hand because they contain important vitamins and electrolytes to help restore what your body has lost.

The problem with regular sports drinks is that they contain sugar, which you must avoid at all costs when on keto. Since low-carb diets are gaining more and more popularity by the day, the sports drink manufacturers have come around and created some good options.

36. Propel

Propel isn’t a typical energy drink. It’s actually a flavored water that’s been infused with electrolytes, antioxidants, and vitamins. It’s a zero-calorie drink that is free of carbohydrates, meaning there is no sugar whatsoever. It comes in a variety of flavors, with watermelon and black cherry being among my favorites.

37. REZ The Restoration Beverage

This sports drink comes in at 10 calories and 1 carbohydrate per bottle. It’s considered by many to be the premier sports drink to consume after a hard workout. Not only does it have vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants, but REZ is also loaded with glucosamine and turmeric.

The bottle also notes that it is used for immune support, which is something we can all use these days. This particular drink can be difficult to find in stores, but you can click here to try it out.

38. Gatorade Zero With Protein

You don’t need sugar to be able to supply your body with the hydration and energy needed to make it through your workout successfully. Not only do you get the thirst-quenching properties of Gatorade, but you get the added bonus of 10g of whey protein per bottle! This gives your post-workout recovery a bit of a boost.

Gatorade Zero is only 60 calories, so it won’t harm your diet. If you’re not sure what your favorite flavor will be, try a variety pack that includes Fruit Punch, Glacier Cherry, and Cool Blue.

Meal Replacements

If you are constantly on the move, you know that you may not always have the time to eat a keto meal. It’s much easier for someone not following a keto diet to stop off at any convenience store and grab one of many snacks that are portable and easy to eat. While it’s true that there are things like meat sticks and peanuts, they get old quickly and don’t typically provide you with the nutrients you need, and don’t leave you feeling satisfied for very long.

While I don’t recommend meal replacements be used every day, they are great to have on hand when you need them. There are so many available on the market, but here are the ones that are best used in conjunction with a ketogenic diet.

39. Sated

Sated is a delicious, ready-to-drink keto shake that is available in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. What they lack in variety, they make up for in taste. The shakes use monk fruit and erythritol for sweetness, meaning you won’t experience a spike in blood sugar.

The shake is made using high-quality coconut oil, flax oil, and olive oil. One shake has 35g of fat and just 1 net carb. The shake is also full of 27 vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep going, and 18g of whey protein will leave you feeling full for hours.

40. Ambronite Keto Meal Shake

Ambronite is a great choice if you are following a plant-based keto lifestyle. This shake is made entirely with plant-based proteins and other clean ingredients. At this time, the only flavor available is chocolate, which I can only describe as rich and satisfying.

This shake uses a combination of MCTs and macronutrients to keep your body burning fat efficiently. If you’re looking for a plant-based shake that meets keto requirements, you should give this one a try.

41. Ample K

Ample K has nailed the keto-friendly meal replacement drink. They have a proprietary formula of fats, micronutrients, proteins, probiotics, organic greens, and prebiotics that come together to combine a complete, low-carb meal made only from real ingredients.

As is common with high-quality options, the flavors are limited to chocolate and vanilla, but just one shake should leave you feeling satisfied for at least 4 hours.

42. Vast

I’m including Vast for anyone in search of a meal replacement that is both ketogenic and vegan. This shake contains zero dairy or animal products, making it a safe choice. The shakes are flavorful and, even though they’re vegan, a carnivore will love the taste. This meal replacement also has a bit more variety when it comes to flavors. Available choices are:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Cookies and Cream
  • Mocha Latte
  • Matcha Latte
  • Coconut Cashew


I’m sure this is the section that some of you came to see. Many people believe that just because you’re on a ketogenic diet, you can’t enjoy some adult beverages when you’re out with your friends. There are still plenty of options available to you, and I will go over them with you here.

As a word of warning, please be careful when drinking while you’re keto-adapted, especially if you used to be able to drink a significant amount. When you’re in ketosis, your body does not break down alcohol the same way. You’ll find that you will become intoxicated faster and with far less alcohol than you’re used to. If you’re going to drink, please do so responsibly and make sure you have a designated driver if you’re drinking away from home.

43. Dry Wine

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll be glad to know that dry wines are definitely on the menu. Whether you prefer red, white, or sparkling wines, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs. It is important to note that this applies to dry wines only. A typical dry wine will contain about 2g of carbohydrates per 4 ounce serving.

You’ll want to stay away from sweet wines, such as a Moscato or zinfandel, which can contain up to 10g of carbs per serving. Since there aren’t nutrition facts on alcohol, it’s smart to assume that the sweeter the wine tastes, the more carbs it has.

44. Liquor

When I mention liquor, I’m not talking about alcohol in general. This relates to what people generally refer to as the hard stuff. Liquor includes things like vodka, brandy, whiskey, gin, tequila, and rum.

These can be consumed by themselves as a shot or served on the rocks to be sipped. Personally, if I were going to order any of these, it would be in the form of a mixed drink using keto-friendly mixers. Some of the best options include:

  • Diet Soda – A great choice because you can use you favorite soda flavors to mask the flavors of the alcohol if you aren’t into how they taste.
  • Water Enhancers – These are great when you’re drinking at home. If you’re going out to the bar, it’s important to note that they won’t have these, so you’ll have to bring yours from home. I recommend mixing the alcohol with sparkling water and then adding your favorite flavor of Stur, Mio, or whatever brand you prefer.
  • Sugar Free Energy Drink – Any of the energy drinks listed above are delicious combined with your favorite hard liquor.

45. Light Beer

Since beer is made from grains, it’s typically a pretty poor choice to drink when you’re following keto. With that said, some light beer options can give you the beer taste you’re looking for without as many carbs. Some beers listed as low carb aren’t keto-friendly at all, so it’s best to do your research ahead of time.

Two of the better options include Budweiser Select 55 and Miller 66, both of which contain less than 2.5 carbs per serving. If you’ve been known to throw back beers, it’s important not to let these get away from you. A six-pack will have you sitting at 15 carbs. To be on the safe side, I recommend going with some of the other options on the list.

46. Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer has blasted onto the scene, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. The most popular brand is White Claw, which is the brand that started it all with its fruity-flavored, alcohol-infused seltzer water drinks. If you’ve tried White Claw and didn’t care for it, you can try some of the newer options from Truly or any of the other options out there.

Derek Masters

Derek Masters is an Amazon best-selling author. After much research, he began keto at 381 pounds in the middle of 2019. Losing 60 pounds and counting, he wants to share what he's learned with others who wish to learn about the ketogenic lifestyle

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